February 2011

Fab Fasteners

Casey Thompson


When I first started digi-scrapping about two years ago it amazed me how digi-scrappers were creating beautiful layouts using their computer. Layouts that were just as beautiful as traditionally scrapped pages. I had tried my hand at traditional scrapping and failed miserably. I was never pleased with my finished layouts. But digital scrapping changed that…I could create realistic layouts that looked great. When I say realistic I mean as compared to a traditionally scrapped layout…I could create a digital layout that took on the qualities of depth, texture and beauty.

There are several elements that make digital layouts come alive and look so 'realistic'. The use of layers, shadows, three dimensional elements (elements that appear to be three dimensional), and fasteners all play a part in helping digital layouts look just as fantastic as traditional layouts. When I tell other scrappers that list they normally say "Why fasteners?".

Unlike our traditional scrapping friends we digi-scrappers do not have to worry about papers, pictures or elements falling off or slipping from place. Traditional scrappers must use 'traditional' fasteners…brads, glue, tape, and other elements to make sure their creations stay assembled over time. Here is the thing digi-scrappers can use fasteners too! We achieve the same look without the 'necessity'. Many digi-designers create realistic staples, buttons, ribbons, tapes, clips, and more that can add tons of interest to digital layouts. So in the digital world fasteners are more about 'look' not function but that is OK because the look is great!

Speaking of looking great take a look at these layouts and pay careful attention to how fasteners add that extra bit of detail and help create a traditional look.

Thankful by MoodyJudy

Digital Supplies: Paper: Worn Out Papers, Project B Designs (Elemental Scraps), Elements: Worn Out Element Pack by Project B Designs (Elemental Scraps), Thankful Word Stamp: Worn Out Element Pack by Project B Designs (Elemental Scraps), Template: November Template Challenge by Project B Designs (MScraps), Stitches: Merci(s) by Kalina (Digital Crea), Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 7, Font: Tahoma.

Design Notes: I used parts of the rope to fasten the buttons to the page. To create balance in the page I repeated the flowers. The papers are all from the same kit as I used a lot of different papers and I wanted them to match.

Editor's Note: Notice how MoodyJudy uses multiple layers, shadowing and fasteners to create this lovely layout. What made this layout really stand out in my mind was how she used tiny buttons. Her journaling tag and photo are all 'fastened' in place by the use of stitched on buttons. Again tiny details are sometimes what makes a layout pop!

Journaling: Everyday, you make me smile. Everyday, you make me glad to be a mother. Everyday, you make a memory I'll never want to forget. Everyday, I'm more thankful than the day before that you are my little girl. Everyday, I smell your hair and touch your skin and wonder how I ever lived my life without you. Everyday.

Grandparents by Kathy Ladle

Digital Supplies: Kit: Family History I Am Doing It by Scraps N' Pieces (Stuff To Scrap), Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 5, Font: Windsong.

Design Notes: I received this picture of my grandparents circa 1950's. I wanted a way to scrap it that would bring a heritage feel to the layout and allow the photo to stand out. After changing the picture to sepia, I new that the red cropped paper and flower would allow the photograph to stand out. Once I got the layout completed, it was still missing something, so I added the stitching and new that was just what it needed.

Editor's Note: Kathy's layout is a great example of how you can create a beautiful heritage layout that focuses the eye on your photo. She does a wonderful job using stitching, staples and brads. Lots of whitespace allows the eye to fix on her lovely photo and the blue stitches really pop. Also notice in here photo tab and along the ribbon how she uses staples. Last but not least her grandparents tag is 'held in place' by gold tacks. While these fatteners are not needed to hold the layout together literally they do a great job of adding that traditionally scrapped look!

Journaling: Al and Grace Pratt - "We are who we are because they were who they were......"

Mothers by Petra Brown

Digital Supplies: Kit: Angels without Wings by Jennilyn and Shanmomto4 Designs (Funky Playground Designs), Template - December FPD Free Challenge Template by Michelle Baton Designs (Funky Playground Designs), Software: PSE 5.

Design Notes: I love family photos and we take a photo each year by our Christmas tree. I wanted the photo to be the focus of the layout but as it was rather over exposed I played around with some blending layers in PSE. I reduced the colors by applying a duplicate screen layer at 35% and increased the black tones with a levels layer. The final layer was the brown background paper at 10%. These were merged to give a slightly vintage feel to the photo and match the colors in the background papers. The quote was also blended into the background to give some texture and movement, again diagonally this time drawing the eye to the photo. The flowers, hearts and quote anchor the photo to make this a gentle feminine layout.

Editor's Note: Petra creates a lovely LO that focuses on her lovely family photo. Her use of fasteners adds extra visual interest and slight pops of color. She chose to use stitching, string, and elements as 'fasteners'. Her photo is anchored to the page using three flowers of varying sizes. If this had been a traditional LO the flowers would no doubt be held in place by adhesive but since we are so lucky Petra could just click and drag…and voila a beautifully scrapped layout. Oh and also notice her use of string for the date tag. Such a small detail and yet it gives so much to the layout.

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