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It's My Fave

Tonya Rose


As the mother of three teen-age daughters, this phrase usually means an argument is about to happen.  One girl will whine, "you cannot borrow that, it is my FAVE."  The next will start in with, "but you have on my FAVE tshirt right now!" And so it begins.  I shudder.  One of the problems with teen girls is that EVERYTHING is their fave.  They have fave shirts, hats, songs, crushes, drinks, snacks--I could go on and on and on (and they do!). 

When I started this article, I was sure I could convince myself that they would grow out of it.  That having fave after fave after fave was just a teen girl thing.  But then I sat down to make my own layout.  And realized that I have fave fonts.  And I have fave designers.  And fave kits.  And fave colors.  And that is just in scrapbooking--my fave hobby.

I thought maybe it was just a girl thing.  Until I walked into my husband's wood-working shop and looked around.  He still has posters of his fave hair bands from the 80's on the wall.  I tiptoed back out without even asking for his opinion.

Phonephotos by Carola Tolleson

Digital Supplies: Harvest Days stamps by Tina Chambers, October Days Page Kit by Elizabeth Weaver, Lovin the Layers Quick Click by Nicole Young, Sweet Joy Page Kit by Erica Belton, Fancy Flourish BackPack by Robyn Gough (all available in the Oct. 2011 Club Digital).

Design Notes: My favorite thing right now is looking back at those impromptu phone photos, so I decided to scrap one even thought it WASN'T taken with my DSLR! Just because a picture isn't portrait quality doesn't mean that it doesn't show a memory that you want to record. In this case, my "phone photo" showed that the boys CAN have a good time with their mom (gasp)!

Journaling: All of our "silly" shots end up on the camera that came with my phone. We were downtown at a Silver Spurs Basketball Game and the boys' tae kwon do school had an exhibition there. Since then, Ian has left tae kwon do for Cub Scouts, but Alex is still going strong.

Beautiful You by Tanyia Deskins

Digital Supplies: Kit: Journey by RuthMelody Designs,  Template: Scraptherapy by May scrap it.

Editor's Note: The repetition of elements across the page in slightly different configurations adds such interest and movement.


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